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Technology and equipment

How me manage documents of our clients

RS-SQL  is the most advanced document management software
RS-SQL helps us manage hard copies in our repository by using bar codes. We quickly find the necessary file or document, monitor the whole document movement cycle and follow the terms for storage of document. We will provide you with the latest information in the form indicated by you (ordinary post, e-mail or by fax).
RSWEB is document ordering, search and review system
We have implemented a modern and fast system in our repository with a help of which our clients can connect to their archive and reach the necessary document on the Internet while being in any place of the world. You will continue to manage your archive after giving your documents to us for storage (you will be able to connect to RSWEB by unique password). Here you will review lists of your electronic files and their inventories, place orders, follow the process of your inquiry and view the necessary scanned document.
RSMobile is a mobile system for scanning and managing documents bar codes 
We use RSMobile system when scanning documents. We scan document bar codes by a palmtop. The bar code is immediately transferred to the database via the WiFi technology. As a result, we find documents faster, save time and reduce document management costs.

All three systems are interconnected. We ensure the highest security level.

RS-SQL is integrated with the electronic document storage and management software RSWEB and the bar code scanning and management software RSMobile. All these systems are characterised by high-level security which makes the leakage of confidential information impossible. The latest technology implemented ensures especially safe and operative management of the documents. 

Equipment of our repositories

One of the most modern repositories in the Eastern Europe and in the Baltic States
As our company owns the repositories by the title of ownership we can ensure the storage of documents throughout the entire defined period.
We have equipped our repositories in cooperation with the Danish archiving experts. The repositories meet Order No V-157 of the Shief Archivist of the Republic of Lithuania of 28 December 2011 On the Approval of Rules for Document Storage.
We store documents on high moving shelvings. Electric forklifts take documents down from and lift them on the shelvings. Electric forklifts move according to the route specified by the document management system.

Documents are kept in repositories in the appropriate conditions and are protected from the negative impact

Repositories have the following facilities:
  • high moving shelvings,
  • electric forklifts for searching,
  • surveillance cameras for repositories,
  • surveillance cameras for territory,
  • the fire-prevention system,
  • automated gas fire-extinguishing system,
  • smoke detection and elimination system,
  • humidity maintenance system,
  • microclimate control system,
  • access control system,
  • security against in-breaks system,
  • 24/7 physical security.

Our archives

We offer to acquire high quality archive equioment. Documents archived and appropriatly filed are protected from the negative environmental impact. 
Archival containers (boxes)
Height of the container 260 mm.
Width of the container  330 mm.
Length of the container 410 mm.
Containers for storing documents in the premises of clients
Height of the container 320 mm.
Width of the container 120 mm.
Length of the container 240 mm.
Containers for documents to be crushed
Archival files for long-term storage of files
A4 archival files for temporary storage of files
Clasp-pins for archival documents

Destruction of documents

Securely destroy confidential documents. We can arrive to your office, take large amount of documents and destroy it. Documents are destroyed in 3rd level of security with a special high-security and meet the highest quality and standards requirements unit Vecoplan VAZ800.

Special locking document container. Containers for unnecessary documents that have accumulated in your company on a daily basis. Containers are locked, after each cleaning their tanks are sealed.

Mobile document destruction. We can offer a confidential documents destruction at your office.