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You will use the archive more conveniently and faster

We will place copies of your documents into the electronic archive and store your documents in the electronic data storage(servers). You will be able to review all documents by connecting to the server.
The eArchive provides for much faster finding and review of documents. You will save even more time if you have many documents used by employees of several departments(for example, if you provide insurance services).

You will save your money

You will be able to review your documents very fast even if you have lots of them. It will also save your working time costs.
Rendering hard copies for storage in repositories you will reduce your archive maintenance costs.
If you have your documents kept in the repository and often need their copies, it will be faster and cheaper to use of the eArchive (there will be no need for waiting and paying extra for their delivery).

We will perform all preparation to use the eArchive system

We will take hard copies( documents to be retained or other necessry documents) from your company and scan them (either in our or in your premises). Afterwards, we can return documents to you or put them into containers marked by bar codes and store in our repository (we will also provide archiving, storage services). We will prepare descriptions (indexing) of the scanned documents, transfer them to the servers, create a data base and provide you with access to it.
When connected  to the data base, you will find a document according to various search criteria and be able view it scanned. It will be possible to convert a scanned document into a Word format (it is even possible to convert hand-written text into the e-format).

We will customise the system to meet your demands

You will be able to make search according to your criteria we will assist you in defining them. We can establish different user rights and different rights for documents or their fragments.

We will ensure information security by a system which equals the e-banking security level

We store encrypted data which are available only to registered users with electronic signature. We transfer data via the network and secure them by SSL (secure socket layer) protocol.
We ensure security of server rooms, i.e. 24/7 physical security, surveillance cameras, alarm system, control of the access to the company, control of the access to the server room, automated fire-detection and extinguishing system.
Our employees working with documents have different rights required for their functions. We use the antivirus software and make back-up copies, which allow restoring documents should they be lost. We conclude confidentiality agreements with our employees, clients, partners and suppliers.

Scheme of the eArchive service