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Document storage services

We will come and evaluate the condition of your archive free of charge

We will evaluate the conditions of the storage of your archival documents and the quality of your document arrangement. We will suggest how to ensure the preservation of necessary documents and how to reduce their storage cost.

You will reduce your archiving costs

When storing your documents in our repositories   you will pay only for the space occupied. If you rent your office, the storage of your documents in our repositories will cost you less than rent of the extra space. If you have your own premises, you will not have to allocate any funds to personnel management and equipment of premises (shelvings, micro-climate maintenance, fire-prevention, etc.)
We take over not only your archival documents but management too: i.e. documents acceptance, arrangement, searching on demand, delivery by the method selected (by fax, e-mail, registered post, courier), follow up of the terms of document destruction and the destruction itself as well as any other related functions. 

We guarantee fast and convenient access to documents

We will quickly find the document necessary for you by using the most advanced technology implemented in our repositories. We will deliver it to you by the most suitable way, i.e. by fax, e-mail or our courier will personally deliver the necessary original.
We issue certificates.

We guarantee confidentiality and security of documents

We manage archival documents with a help of the bar code system. To ensure security security and confidentiality of documents, all documents in the repository are kept in special archival containers (boxes). Each document, file and container is provided with a bar code.
As our company owns the repositories by the title of ownership, we can ensure the storage of documents for the period established.
We assure that nothing will happen to your documents in our repositories. And we certainly guarantee the confidentiality and security of information contained in documents.
New and modern technology implemented in the repositories protects documents from the negative environmental impact and ensures good conditions for their storage. Information contained in documents will not disappear in the course of time, i.e. the ink will not evaporate, files will not mould and will not be effected otherwise. 

We prepare documents for storage

We accept documents that are already archived or prepared for storage in repositories so as to ensure quick access to all documents stored. To this end before passing the files over to our repositories, we archive all documents according to regulatory legal acts , Rules for Arranging and Accounting for Documents, Index of the Terms for Storage of General Documents , etc. We make lists of documents assigned for temporary storage or inventories of documents, assigned for long-term storage, we put files into special archival containers and give a bar code to each item. We enter (index) the main search criteria and chronological limits for documents storage into the electronic document management system RS-SQL.

Remote document management

Modern document management systems implemented in our company will allow you to follow  document movement and other processes from your office or any other place. The lists of the files archived and entered into our document management electronic system will allow you to follow storage limits of  your documents. We will inform you about the expiry of storage terms established by regulatory legal acts. If required we can destroy documents or prolong the storage term.

Our repository is one of the most modern repositories and meets all requirements

Our repository is one of the most modern repositories in the East Europe and in the Baltic States. It meets the fire-prevention, air conditioning and micro climate maintenance requirements.
We store more than 100'000 linear meters of documents. It is a particularly safe document repository.
Our repositories have an automatic micro climate control system, automatic gas fire-extinguishing system, tele control system, security alarm system, fire-prevention alarm system, smoke detection and elimination system, humidity maintenance system and security system against burglary. Security officers are on duty 24/7. All these factors ensure safety of your documents.