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Destruction of documents

Destruction of the current documents

We destroy documents in your office

We destroy confidential documents accumulated in the cource of the day. We place special locking containers in your office where you can  throw all the unnecessary documents. We assure that nobody will make use of the confidential information. Our employees will visit your company either periodically or as agreed and will remove documents to be destroyed from the container, whereas the container itself will remain in your office. 

Crusher destroys various documents to granules 

We destroy documents with destruction equipment that shred documents up to the level of unidentifiable. The most commonly used level is 3 DIN. Of course can be further levels – 4th, 5th and 6th. This service is more expensive, and used exclusively for the high confidentiality of documents, such as: NATO or other highly secretive organization.
Our destruction equipment is reliable because it does not cut documents into strips, but grinds into small granules. From these granules restoring it is not possible. This equipment also destroys documents stapled with metal rivets or staples. It also destroys cartridges and plastic cards.
We are concerned about the preservation of nature, so all ground paper is 100% recyclable. We implemented an ISO 14001 environmental standards.

Alternative to document crushers

Our constant document destruction service replaces document crushers and assures higher confidentiality.

Destruction of the files, the term of keeping of which has expired

We safely destroy confidential documents

We quickly and confidentially destroy documents with metal components, plastic cards and CD/DVD discs. We destroy documents with equipment which not cuts into strips, but grinds into fine shreds and compacts destroyd documents. Documents usually destroyed in DIN 3rd class, although they may be disposed to 6th safety level. Documents we will come to pick up from you, or at your convenience, you can deliver them yourself and watch the destruction process. You can also watch process of destruction online with a video camera.

We assess the value of documents

Upon expiry of the storage terms established by regulatory legal acts archival documents can be destroyed only after their value is determined. We can select documents to be destroyed before the destruction. All documents available in your company are assessed according to the necessity criteria:
  • documents necessary for administration and information of the company;
  • documents necessary for accountability of the company established by regulatory legal acts and for retaining evidence of your companu activity;
  • documents necessary for securing the rights of natural and legal entities to the activity of the company;
  • documents necessary for planned or possible examination;
  • documents necessary for evidence and information about the rights, duties, policy, activities, relations and interests of the company and for the scientific and cultural purposes. 

We compile statements on the destruction of documents

Following Order No 38 of the Lithuanian Archives Department under the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 15 August 1997 On the Terms for Storage of General Documents  as last amended we will select documents to be destroyed separate the ones assigned for short-term and long-term storage and compile the statement on the destruction. We will destroy documents only after the statement is approved by the Head of the company or by the DEC. 

We follow the storage terms of your documents

If you keep your documents in our repositories, we will report to you on the expired documents. We will destroy files only after having received the approved statement on the destruction of documents and your consent. If you wish, you may observe the destruction of documents of your company.