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Archiving and arrangement of documents

We will come and evaluate the condition of your archive for free

We will audit your archive and present a preliminary estimate for archiving of your documents.

You will easily find and save all the important information 

If the documents are marshaled and systemized, there is no need of extra time for their search. Our archivists will arrange your documents in systemic order. This way, you will easily find the necessary documents and save the documents the drafting of which is subject to regulatory legal acts. You will not keep the unnecessary files in the archive and will obtain free space. With the  archived files the number of the required shelves is reduced by 30 %. 

We will arrange your documents

We will sort the files, arrange them according to the system, compile internal inventories of the files content, file them and place on the shelves. We will arrange your documents under guarantee that they are archived according to the requirements of all legal acts. Archiving of documents is important in order to save information and retain the evidence of the operation of the company. We will use durable archiving equipment.

We will adjust to your situation

We can arrange your documents either in your office or in our premises. If you have small office and the presence of outsiders disturbs the activity of your company, we will take your documents to our premises, arrange them and bring them back. We have all technical capacities to start our work next day after signing of the agreement.

Only qualified employees arrange your documents

Our company employs trained professionals whose occupational qualification meets the requirements established by legislation. 
Candidates' knowledge is assessed during the selection process. After the recruitment knowledge testing is held every six months.